Growth Groups

Church members often find that they get to know each other better when they meet in one another’s homes.
There are a number of groups where you can learn more about the Christian faith, and there may be one to suit you.
They’re called “Growth Groups” as members seek to grow in faith, fellowship and numbers as they become more familiar with the Bible.
We also have regular courses for those enquiring about the Christian faith and those who are considering confirmation. For details of these, please contact Stephen McKenzie 01782 796564.

Tittensor Growth Groups

We have two groups. One meets on Wednesday mornings at 9.45, in various houses , while the other is at 7.30pm in St. Luke's church hall. Each averages between eight and ten participants, and we operate along similar lines. First, comes study - usually of a book in the Bible, (currently Joshua ) - and then we pray together. Our prayers are wide-ranging, covering world affairs and more local matters, as well as personal issues. Most importantly, though, these meetings provide an opportunity for real Christian fellowship, the chance to talk and laugh together, and to share experiences of life and faith.

For more details, please contact Revd Noreen Russell on 01782 372992.
Alpha Course
Alpha is a short course which explores the basics of the Christian faith. Over 8 to 10 weeks we explore different questions that people can have about Christian faith in an open, informal and honest space. We have run Alpha in our local pubs and more recently sharing food and a BBQ with the group seen here. Anyone is welcome to join us when we next run the course. 
Hannah was part of the Alpha Course.  Here's what she has to say.  

"The Alpha course ran over a series of 9 weeks from 22nd January 2016 to 19th March 2016.  We met at the Goodwin's house in Beech.  Each session was designed to explore the basics of the Christian faith through a series of talks and discussions.  The topics included "who is Jesus?", "why did Jesus die?" and "how can I resist evil?" to name just a few.  The sessions were well attended and since the course has finished the group continues to meet on a monthly basis." 
This group meets once a month 7.30pm on the 2nd Thursday in the month at 3 Rectory Gardens Swynnerton. It is led by Tom Cooke following the course ‘Dare to be a disciple’.